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Nathan R. Todd, Ph.D., Vita


Assistant Professor, 2014-present

Department of Psychology

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


Assistant Professor, 2010-2013

Department of Psychology

DePaul University, Chicago IL



University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Ph.D. 2010

Fuller Theological Seminary, M.A. Psychology 2004

Fuller Theological Seminary, M.A. Theology 2004

University of Oklahoma, B.A. Psychology 2002




Emily J. Blevins


Emily is interested in how race, culture, and national identity influence mental health. She currently focuses on Whiteness and how White culture impacts White and non-White racial groups and migrant communities in the U.S. Emily is particularly interested in how cultures that enjoy privilege impact the mental health of both privileged and non-privileged individuals. She hopes to leverage this knowledge to develop practical ways to engage privileged groups in social justice work, as well as to provide mental health providers with tools for clinical practice.





Brett A. Boeh


Brett's main research interests are centered around social justice engagement and quality end-of-life care. With a focus on social justice engagement as praxis involving both reflection and action, she aims to understand the ways in which social justice education can engage individuals with diverse backgrounds and beliefs.  Additionally, Brett aims to promote dignity in the dying process.  With a commitment to clinically-relevant research, she is interested the ways that end-of-life care can promote a compassionate and patient-centered death.





Yara Mekawi


Yara's main lines of research focus on the perpetration and consequences of racial/ethnic discrimination and prejudice. In terms of perpetration, she studies why and how individuals engage in intentional or unintentional prejudice (e.g., shooter biases, racial microaggressions). In terms of consequences, Yara is interested in the cognitive and emotional mechanisms through which racial discrimination may lead to negative mental health outcomes for racial/ethnic minorities (e.g., anxiety, depression). In the future she plans to extend these interests by examining strategies for reducing and coping with racial/ethnic prejudice. 




Jacqueline Yi


Jacqueline focuses on system justification, critical consciousness, and other social justice attitudes among advantaged and disadvantaged groups. She is also interested in the development, implementation, and evaluation of community-based interventions and methodological approaches to community-based research.


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